About our products & services

Kyma Technologies is a leading supplier of crystalline wide bandgap semiconductor (WBGS) materials and related products and services. Kyma's growing product portfolio includes thin film, bulk, and epitaxial WBGS materials and crystal growth tools for manufacturing WBGS materials. Kyma also supplies a couple of niche GaN devices and a novel electromagnetic sensor. Kyma offers a number of engineering services as well, including WBGS device design and fabrication, materials fabrication (grinding, slicing, polishing), and custom parts manufacturing. Additionally, Kyma offers consulting services to small US companies seeking to win federal R&D contract support and to be fully compliant with the underlying federal requirements.

Kyma's materials products include bulk GaN substrates, AlN and GaN templates, and Ga2O3 epiwafers, all produced in-house. Additionally, Kyma has a number of partnerships that enable Kyma to offer III-V epitaxial device wafers.

Kyma's crystal growth tool products include plasma vapor deposition (PVD) tools for growing thin films of AlN and hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) tools for growth of crystalline (Al,Ga,In)N, (Al,Ga,In)(As,P) and (Al,Ga,In)2O3 materials.

Kyma's high speed GaN based photoconductive semiconductor switch (PCSS) devices are prototype device products and are available in both lateral and vertical designs. Kyma's EM™-Dot is a novel electromagnetic field sensor that provides simultaneous passive sensing of a broad range of both electric and magnetic fields.

Kyma's engineering services include materials fabrication wherein we can grind, slice, and polish difficult crystalline materials for customers who prefer to focus on crystal growth. Kyma also provides custom parts manufacturing services in Kyma's full machine shop; qualified customers can do the work on their own or in combination with support, as needed, in our facility.

Additionally, Kyma offers consulting services to other small US companies seeking to win federal R&D contract support and to be fully compliant with the many underlying federal requirements. We have helped a number of customers quickly become DCAA compliant and have helped new startups become familiar with the large area of potential funding vehicles and best practices to be successful in winning federal contract support.