Substrates & Templates

Kyma Technologies is proud to offer a variety of substrates and template materials for sale. We can also work with you to develop just the right solution for your project.

Below is a list of our standard material offerings and accessories. Please contact us for pricing or visit our on-line store.

Sapphire Placeholder Wafers

Kyma offers Sapphire Placeholder Wafers that have the central portion of the wafer removed to facilitate square wafer loading in round pocket platters.

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AlGaN Templates

Kyma’s AlGaN templates consist of a thin layer of crystalline AlGaN grown by HVPE on c-plane sapphire substrates and provide a high-quality AlGaN surface for subsequent device epitaxy.

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Gallium Nitride (GaN) Templates

Kyma’s GaN templates are available in diameters up to 150mm (check back as 200mm diameter is coming soon!) and consist of a thin layer of crystalline GaN grown epitaxially by HVPE on a non-GaN substrate such as sapphire or silicon. For most of Kyma's GaN templates Kyma employs a patent-protected thin intermediate layer of crystalline PVDNC™ AlN between the GaN and the non-GaN substrate which serves as an excellent nucleation layer for GaN overgrowth.

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