Devices & Sensors

Kyma Technologies offers an array of devices and sensors. With our engineering team we can help develop the perfect solution for you. Below is a list of our standard offerings. For pricing and information please contact us.



Kyma’s KO-GaN™ materials are grown by a patented and proprietary process based on hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) and are designed to be highly resistive in the dark yet highly conductive when properly illuminated.

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The patented electromagnetic (EM-Dot™) sensor is a device that detects and measures the temporal change in the electric or magnetic field simultaneously at a single point in space.

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Custom Devices & Arrays

Kyma has a wealth of experience in helping customers translate novel semiconductor device from concept, to layout, to reality. Kyma's experienced device team has designed and processed thousands of devices and can translate your ideas through the sequence of design, simulation, and fabrication.

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The KO-Switch™ is the highest power semiconductor switch of its size with a sub-nanosecond response time. Applications include electric circuit protection, pulsed power, ultra wideband (UWB) radar, and arbitrary waveform generation (AWG).

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