Engineering Services

Kyma Technologies is proud to offer our engineering services to help you achieve your product goals. Below our are most requested services. Please contact us about this or other services we may have so we can help you achieve your goals.

Device Design & Fabrication

Kyma is ready to team with you to bring your novel device ideas to life from concept, to layout, to reality. Utilizing a wide range of design, simulation, and fabrication experience, Kyma can help with epi design, contact and dielectric schemes, as well as multi-level mask layouts.

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Materials Characterization

Kyma customers benefit from Kyma's in-house suite of routine characterization tools which provide rapid turn-around of routine characterization needs. Kyma also has relatively rapid access to a number of advanced characterization tool at partner facilities in The Triangle for which Kyma staff is trained to use. Kyma also has long standing relationships with a number of outsource characterization service providers and we can put together a characterization proposal that fits you needs based on an optimized combination of in-house, local, and outsource capabilities.

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Wafer Fabrication & Reclaim

Kyma offers a full line of wafer fabrication & substrate reclaim services, including crystallographic orientation, slicing, dicing, grinding, and polishing.

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