Wide bandgap semiconductors

Wide bandgap semiconductor (WBGS) materials are enabling a new generation of commercially important device technologies.

WBGS materials, including their subset ultra wide bandgap semiconductor (UWBGS) materials, offer a number of important advantages over legacy semiconductors such as Si, GaAs, and InP. This is because WBGS materials possess exciting physical properties that translate to the ability to improve the size, weight, and performance of electronic devices and to extend the wavelength reach and performance of a number of optoelectronic devices. GaN based LEDs have already revolutionized the field of lighting in both the visible and ultraviolet spectral regions, and GaN based laser diodes continue to make impact in a number of important applications. Yet there is much more to come. In addition to optoelectronics, WBGS materials are being researched worldwide for applications in power electronics, high speed RF electronics, and more, and they are beginning to penetrate those markets as well.

For over a decade, Kyma has been a leading supplier of GaN materials. In recent years Kyma has extended its product line and its new product development activities to include a number of adjacent WBGS materials.

Kyma's current product line includes GaN, AlN, AlGaN, and Ga2O3 materials as well as the tools for growing these materials. Kyma also offers a number of additional products and services.

Kyma's advanced materials development activities encompass a number new new methods and new materials. As examples, Kyma is developing processes for manufacturing GaN on polycrystalline diamond wafers, in hopes of helping advance the thermal properties of GaN electronics for both power switching and RF electronics applications. Kyma is researching how large area GaN seeds might be manufactured by van der Waals epitaxial growth of GaN on graphene and if successful these seeds will be used for large area GaN boule growth. We are also researching the manufacturing of electronic grade single crystal diamond wafers, free-standing AlGaN substrates, and novel (Al,Ga)2O3 epiwafers, each of which presents great potential to support a number of next generation RF and power switching devices.

Research into new materials is fun and exciting, but at Kyma we are hyper-focused on developing materials manufacturing technologies that have volume commercialization potential. Because of the growing market penetration success of SiC and GaN based devices, large wafer foundries and large device manufacturers have taken a lead commercialization role. This in turns puts major pressure on materials manufacturing costs and diameter requirements. For these reasons all of Kyma's materials technology development activities are tailored towards eventual cost effective manufacturing of large area wafers. Additionally, many customers prefer to make their own advanced materials. For that reason Kyma is teamed with a leading semiconductor process tool OEM to convert Kyma's prototype materials growth tools to provide large customers with turnkey large diameter WBGS materials production tools.