Sylwester Porowski - Polish Academy of Sciences

Co-Director and Board Member of the Institute of High Pressure Physics

Dr. Sylwester (Sylvek) Porowski is the Co-Director and Board Member of the Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Sylvek founded the Institute, also known as Unipress, in 1972.

For more than 20 years, Sylvek and his fellow Unipress' scientists have worked intensively on the physics and technology of GaN and related semiconductors. This research led to the creation of a unique technology of high-pressure growth of GaN crystals with a dislocation density much lower than crystals grown at atmospheric pressure. This has paved the way to construction of blue/violet laser diodes by using crystals as substrates for growing epitaxial structures of (AlGaIn)N with exceptional structural and optical quality. Both the MBE and MOCVD nitride technology has been developed at Unipress together with the laser-processing lab. The work on blue/violet laser diodes has been done within the Polish Government program titled "The development of the blue optoelectronics", which was coordinated by Unipress. In order to commercialize this technology, new hi-tech focused company was founded called TopGaN.

Sylvek has published over 400 scientific papers which have been cited over 7,000 times. He is the 2013 Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) Prize Laureate for his work in developing processes for fabrication of the highest structural quality GaN in the world.

In addition to advances in GaN technology, Sylvek and his fellow Unipress scientists have made many important advances in the understanding the high pressure physics of a number of other materials, including other semiconductors, ceramics, high Tc superconductors, biological materials, and metals.