The Doughman

Kyma's Chief Operating Officer Dr. Heather Splawn is a co-founder, former operations head and race director, and continuing helper at The DOUGHMAN, a wonderful local (Durham, NC) annual charity event. Kyma CEO Keith Evans has volunteered as a helper for 4 of the past 5 annual events.

From The DOUGHMAN website: The DOUGHMAN was born one night over beers at Dain's Place and conversation about the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Four Duke-affiliated graduate students and coaches were inspired by the creative challenge set forth by the Krispy Kreme Challenge and before they knew it -- gastronomic-athletics would be changed forever. The DOUGHMAN was born. An event combining food and sport all for a great local nonprofit that would give the transplanted Durhamites an opportunity to showcase the gems scattered throughout their home town was too good to pass up. Our partner restaurants demonstrate a commitment to the slow foods movement, and we at The DOUGHMAN eat local every chance we get.

Each year the DOUGHMAN chooses a new cause to donate to. In the past this has included community gardening and food education programs and much more. The 2018 event took place on May 5th and the proceeds were provided to support  The Durham Bicycle Cooperative which is an all volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) community bicycle project.