Kyma CEO to Speak at IP and Green Tech Global Innovation Conference

30 May 2011 - Raleigh, NC

Keith Evans, president and CEO of Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of crystalline nitride semiconductor materials, will present an invited talk at the IP and Green Tech Global Innovation conference at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Headquarters in Alexandria, VA on June 1st.

Entitled “IP and Green Tech: Accelerating Commercialization & Promoting Global Innovation,” the one-day conference will address topics such as the role of IP in tech transfer and technology diffusion both domestically and globally; the Cancun Technology Mechanism; reverse innovation; case studies of industry green tech initiatives; and federal/state government green tech incentives and public‐private partnerships.  Participants will include senior embassy officials from as many as 30 countries.

Dr. Evans’ invited talk is entitled “Better Materials for More Energy Efficient Electric Power & Lighting Everywhere,” wherein he will discuss the critical importance of intellectual property (IP) and the Green Tech Movement to Kyma’s business.

“I am honored to be invited to participate in this exciting event which has been organized by Ms. Lynn Van Fleit and her team at the Diplomacy Matters Institute,” stated Evans.  “It is a great opportunity to share thoughts with policy makers from around the world about the critical role of intellectual property in accelerating innovation in green technology.”

Kyma’s product line is centered on crystalline nitride semiconductor materials products which are designed to support higher energy efficiency in all of their target applications, the largest of which are lighting emitting diodes (LEDs) and high power electronics (HPE).

About Kyma Technologies

Kyma is a leading supplier of crystalline gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) materials for a broad range of high performance nitride semiconductor device applications.

The market for nitride semiconductor devices was $12B in 2010 and is expected to reach $90B over the long term, including over $60B in visible lighting applications and over $30B in power electronics applications.

For more information about Kyma Technologies, visit, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call the company directly at 919.789.8880.

Kyma is a registered trademark of Kyma Technologies, Inc.

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