Kyma Participates in ARL Workshop on Diamond Electronics

Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced wide bandgap semiconductor materials technologies, today announced its participation in the recent Workshop on Diamond Electronics: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities.

The two-day invitation-only workshop was held on Feb. 7 & 8, 2017 at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in Adelphi, MD and was organized by Professors Jes Asmussen and Timothy Grotjohn of Michigan State University (MSU) and Dr. Pankaj Shah of ARL. The workshop agenda featured a number of invited talks and regular presentations plus poster presentations by leading authorities in the science and technology of diamond electronic materials and devices.

Given the high thermal conductivity, large breakdown field and high charge carrier mobility of diamond as a semiconductor material, there is a good possibility that diamond is the next generation electronic material able to extend the performance of electronic systems beyond the limits nitride semiconductors are encountering in high-power, high-frequency applications such as radar systems, communication systems and electronic warfare systems. This workshop was created to bring together experts from the US and a few organizations in other countries to discuss the current status of diamond electronics research, as well as issues encountered and mitigation strategies to increase the pace of improvements in this field and enlarge the research base of diamond electronics in the US.

Dr. Paul Quayle of Kyma attended the workshop and presented a poster entitled "Development of Large Area Diamond Wafers by Stitching" which summarized recent advances made by Kyma and MSU in their collaborative research which benefits from funding under the Army SBIR program. Dr. Quayle explained how the team has successfully prepared and joined, or "stitched," separate high quality diamond wafers to create larger wafers in the Phase I period. He also outlined Kyma's near term plans to combine both stitching and cloning techniques to accelerate the development of a domestic source of large area electronic grade diamond wafers.

Kyma's president & CEO Keith Evans commented, "The incredible promise of diamond electronics has been understood for many years, and after many important scientific advances worldwide the opportunity to translate diamond's potential into real-life applications appears imminent. Kyma is honored to team with MSU to support the Army's interests in electronic grade diamond materials and hopes to become a leading supplier of these materials in the not too distant future."

About Kyma Technologies, Inc.

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