Kyma CTO Jacob Leach Presents at GOX 2018

Kyma Technologies today announced that CTO Dr. Jacob Leach will present at the 3rd US Workshop on Gallium Oxide (GOX 2018).

GOX 2018 will be held August 15-16, 2018 on the campus of The Ohio State University and is co-located with the Les Eastman Conference (LEC 2018) which takes place earlier in the week. The Workshop follows the 1st and 2nd Workshops held in Dayton, OH and Arlington, VA, and serves as the US-based forum to showcase the rapidly emerging field of Gallium Oxide and related materials with high critical field strength.  The purpose of this workshop is to provide a platform for discussion for recent advances in Gallium Oxide and related materials and devices and identify scientific gaps.  The intent is to create actionable coordination across the government, industry and academia.

The published Workshop Agenda includes the Opening Session followed by consecutive Sessions on Defects and Characterization, Modeling, Materials and Characterization, Industry, and Devices. There will be no written proceedings in order to facilitate open discussion.

During the Industry Session, Dr. Leach will present an update on Kyma's advances in the development of homoepitaxial gallium oxide films by hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE).

Dr. Leach commented, "I'm looking forward to returning to this unique workshop. Gallium oxide materials have great potential to enable a number of new high performance device applications. This workshop provides a focused forum to share our most recent developments with others in the field, to better understand the remaining technical challenges, and to nurture new and existing collaborations to further advance both the technology and the manufacturing readiness levels of this exciting new materials system."

If you would like to set up a call or schedule a meeting with Dr. Leach at GOX 2018, please email him at

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