Kyma has been continuously improving and expanding its business practices for over 20 years and we are available to help you with your business challenges and opportunities. Kyma has won over $30M in government R&D contract support and we have learned a ton about how to set up and ensure our accounting system is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations. We have licensed patents from others and we have licensed our patents to others. We have acquired the assets of a couple of other companies. We have entered into detailed M&A discussions and even signed pretty detailed merger letters of intent. In all we have executed hundreds of inter-company agreements. Below are a couple of specific business consulting categories but we are open to many others. We have a good feel for what can be done without legal counsel and we also can recommend legal counsel if needed. Please take a look and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Federal Contracts

Kyma offers federal contracts related consulting services that leverage its wealth of experience in writing winning federal R&D contract proposals; executing on the funded project; and in the development and continuous improvement of DCAA compliant time-card and cost accounting systems.

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Strategic Planning

It is well known that most if not all successful companies engage in strategic planning. While we are not experienced in the very detailed processes that large companies engage in, we can help a small company quickly and efficiently get on the track towards a good strategic plan.

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