Federal Contracts

Kyma offers federal contracts related consulting services that leverage its wealth of experience in writing winning federal R&D contract proposals; executing on the funded project; and in the development and continuous improvement of DCAA compliant time-card and cost accounting systems.

There are many other firms who offer this but in all of our now two decades of experience, we have never found a service that is as fast, as informed, and as inexpensive as ours. Sure, you can find 2 of those 3 things in various combinations, but we never found all 3 in one place, so now that we learned lots of lesson the hard way, we have created this service offering to close that gap.

Writing Winning Proposals: Kyma can help you understand the federal R&D contract acquisition process and its requirements both to qualify for a contract and in how to be compliant with carrying out the contract after a win. We can quickly help you outline a proposal for a given proposal opportunity and we can take a lead role if you wish in writing the proposal. And its not just about the writing. A well written proposal is a necessary but insufficient condition for winning SBIR/STTR or other federal contract R&D funding. An important ingredient of a winning R&D proposal is the commercialization plan, and if you are small your commercialization credibility may benefit significantly from partnering with one or more larger companies. We can guide you through this process including helping to define what would be a win-win relationship between your company and a larger company or companies. We also can quickly create templates for the support letters that are critically important ingredients of most such proposals, and we can guide you through the process of soliciting them from prospective commercialization partners.

DCAA Compliant Time-Card & Accounting Systems: Kyma can help you quickly establish time-card and accounting practices that will help you succeed in carrying out your contract after you win in a way that satisfies all the rules and regulations that come with the federal contracting opportunity space. We are happy to share how we do it and we can help you set up commercially available relatively inexpensive software tools that will get rid of all the paper and all the need to sign and date everything in ink. We learned the hard way and are here to help you get it right.

No Job Too Small: Because we are still small there is no job too small for us. We routinely take on 1-hour telephonic consulting jobs that have helped our customers quickly move past a hurdle that other consulting firms would have required a full day of on-site consulting for or worse. We know because we have been there before!