Graphene Oxide (GO) Powder

Produced by Kyma's partner GOLeafe Inc., our Graphene Oxide (GO) Powder is an exciting nanocrystalline spherical product that is used to create high quality graphene materials.

There are a growing number of applications which benefit or potentially benefit from nanocrystalline graphene and graphene oxide materials including touch-screen displays, Li-ion battery technology, rust-free coatings, composites, supercapacitors, printed electronics, conductive inks, and sensors.

The GOLeafe Advantage: Until now the growth of the market for these materials has been hampered by a number of manufacturing challenges including high manufacturing equipment costs and use of harsh chemicals that present health and environmental risks. GOLeafe's manufacturing approach is based on a scalable batch process which avoids expensive equipment and harsh chemicals, which means GOLeafe’s manufacturing approach has a cost advantage and is much more eco-friendly than competing approaches.