Kyma Technologies offers a growing number of engineering services, including device design & fabrication, materials characterization, wafer fabrication & reclaim, and metal parts manufacturing.

Device Design & Fabrication

Kyma is ready to team with you to bring your novel device ideas to life from concept, to layout, to reality. Utilizing a wide range of design, simulation, and fabrication experience, Kyma can help with epi design, contact and dielectric schemes, as well as multi-level mask layouts.

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Materials Characterization

Kyma customers benefit from Kyma's in-house suite of routine characterization tools as well as Kyma's rapid access to large number of local characterization facilities.

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Wafer Fabrication & Reclaim

Kyma offers a full line of wafer fabrication & substrate reclaim services, including crystallographic orientation, slicing, dicing, grinding, and polishing.

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