Gallium Oxide Epiwafers

Ga2O3 MOSFET, courtesy of Sarit Dhar of Auburn University
Ga2O3 MOSFET, courtesy of Sarit Dhar of Auburn University

Kyma's ß-Ga2O3 epiwafers are grown on (010) ß-Ga2O3 substrates and have high electrical quality and also high structural quality that matches that of the substrate.

High Mobilities Achieved: Recent epiwafers produced at Kyma with carrier concentrations in the 1 to 2 x 1017 cm-3 range show room temperature carrier mobilities that routinely exceed 100 cm2/V-s and as high as 123 cm2/V-s, and low temperature mobilities as high as 500 cm2/V-s, with the exact values depending on the doping level and the structural quality of the ß-Ga2O3 substrate.

Substrate Choices: Customers can supply their own (010) ß-Ga2O3 substrates, or Kyma can provide them as well - see our (010) ß-Ga2O3 substrate product page. Additionally, Kyma is gaining experience in growing ß-Ga2O3 epilayers on other orientations of ß-Ga2O3 substrates as well as on alternative substrates such as sapphire. We welcome customer inquiries about what is possible.

Related Products & Services: Kyma also offers (010) ß-Ga2O3 substrates. Additionally, some customers have asked us to remove their epilayers to reclaim the underlying ß-Ga2O3 substrate and we are happy to help - see Kyma's reclaim and substrate finishing services.