MaxFLAAT™ GaN Templates

Kyma’s MaxFLAAT™ (Flat Layers At All Temperatures) GaN templates consist of a layer of single-crystalline GaN grown epitaxially by HVPE on an engineered substrate which is CTE matched to GaN. MaxFLAAT™ GaN has an epi-ready surface and remains at low-bow before, during, and after epitaxial growth processing.

Typical customer benefits include:

  • No need to worry or engineer the MOCVD process around a bowed wafer
  • Elimination of long MOCVD or MBE undoped buffer growth and initial N+ layer
  • HVPE based GaN epitaxy has higher purity and transparency than MOCVD based GaN epitaxy
  • Engineered core that is thermal expansion matched to GaN
  • High-quality epi-ready single-crystal c-plane GaN surface
  • Fully diameter scalable & silicon fab friendly

In high volume, HVPE based templates will have:

  • Significantly lower growth time/cost vs MOCVD templates due to the much higher growth rates possible with HVPE
  • Lower raw material costs as metalorganic gallium sources are replaced with metal gallium and ammonia usage is 1/10th that of MOCVD


Evaluation Material Properties  
Orientation C-plane + 0.5°
XRD (002) 130-180 arcsec
XRD (102) 150-220 arcsec
Defect Density 107 - 108
Electrical Properties SI to mid-1018 cm-3