AlGaN Templates

Kyma’s AlGaN templates consist of a thin layer of crystalline AlGaN grown by HVPE on c-plane sapphire substrates and provide a high-quality AlGaN surface for subsequent device epitaxy.

These templates offer several advantages for cutting edge III-N device applications:

  • Rapid and materials-efficient template manufacturing process
  • High-purity elemental group III source material produces higher purity AlGaN
  • Excellent nucleation surface supports high quality epitaxy


Conduction Type Si-doped (N+) Undoped (N-) P-type
Typical Carrier Concentration >1x1018/cm3 >1x1017/cm3 >1x1017/cm3
Front Surface Finish As-grown As-grown As-grown
Available Buffer Layers AlN, GaN AlN, GaN AlN, GaN
Available Substrates Sapphire, Silicon, SiC Sapphire, Silicon, SiC Sapphire, Silicon, SiC
Available Sizes 2-4" 2-4" 2-4"
Available Al % 10% up to 90% 10% up to 90% 10% up to 90%