About Kyma Technologies

Kyma Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of crystalline semiconductor materials and related products and services. Founded in 1998 by a professor and graduate student from the Materials Science & Engineering Department of North Carolina State University, Kyma's headquarters, which includes its crystal growth and characterization facilities, and its nearby materials test and fabrication facility, are both located in the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina.

Kyma's core competencies are centered on the use of vapor phase crystal growth tools and processes to produce high quality semiconductor materials. Kyma's fully integrated crystal growth and fabrication capabilities include:

  • Computer modeling of vapor phase crystal growth processes
  • CAD based design of crystal growth tools
  • Fabrication of specialty parts for crystal growth tools - using Kyma's Agile Parts Manufacturing Shop
  • Growth of bulk, thin film and epitaxial nitride semiconductors - including AlN, AlGaN, & GaN
  • Growth of epitaxial gallium oxide (Ga2O3) wafers (epiwafers)
  • Growth of crystalline (single- and multi-layer) 2D semiconductor materials such as MoS2
  • Characterization of crystalline materials - electrical conductivity, surface quality, wafer flatness, & structural quality
  • Fabrication of crystalline materials - slicing, grinding, & polishing - for optical quality or epi-ready quality
  • Fabrication of semiconductor devices - using local partner facilities
  • Testing of semiconductor devices - using Kyma's specialized device test facilities and also local partner facilities