What are the basic differences between a "bulk substrate" and a "template"?

Kyma offers two basic types of substrates: "bulk substrates" and "templates."

  • The term bulk substrate refers to a free-standing substrate such as bulk GaN substrates which Kyma provides.
    • Other bulk substrates provided by others in the industry include Sapphire, Si, GaAs, InP, etc.
    • Bulk substrates are usually single crystal in nature, although polycrystalline bulk GaN substrates are also available from Kyma.
  • The term template refers to a thin layer of a crystalline material deposited on an otherwise bulk substrate.
    • Kyma offers AlN on sapphire templates, AlN on SI templates, GaN on sapphire, GaN on Si, and AlGaN on sapphire.
    • Most of our template customers provide us with the underlying substrate.
    • For example, most of our AlN on sapphire template customers send us their sapphire and we deposit the AlN and ship it back to the customer.