Kyma expands its gallium oxide (Ga2O3) epiwafers product line and adds Ga2O3 substrate reclaim and wafer fabrication to its services offering. Kyma engages in development of large area electronic grade diamond wafers in partnership with Michiigan State University. Kyma develops industry's first 200-mm HVPE growth tool for producing crystalline GaN, AlN, AlGaN, and Ga2O3 materials. Kyma demonstrates high-quality 200-mm GaN HVPE growth on QST® substrates provided by Qromis, Inc. (formerly Quora Technology, Inc.). Kyma demonstrates 100-mm free-standing GaN grown on and released from Qromis' QST® seeds. Kyma and GOLeafe form partnership in nanocrystalline graphene materials. Kyma CEO Keith Evans joins NREL's T2M Advisory Board for their ARPA-E supported project on HVPE Solar Cell Technology.