FY16 Nevada National Security Site R&D Report

Kyma is honored to be acknowledged by National Security Technologies, LLC:

The following excerpts are taken verbatim from the FY 2016 Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) Site-Directed R&D Report in the article entitled Next-Generation Photomultiplier Detectors Using Transmissive III-Nitride Semiconductor Electrodes which was authored by Robert Buckles, Kristen Crawford, Ke-Xun Sun, and Patrick O'Gara: 

Photocathode Design (p65): "The manufacturer, Kyma Technologies, expects that the inevitable crystal defects may limit the usefulness of larger area devices; therefore, we have divided the relatively large wafer into many smaller mesa devices with contacts (Figures 10 and 11). Metalizing the top (Figure 11) with a honeycomb-like pattern allows for ideal conductivity over a wide area and makes the metallic bond to the following mesh dynode structures.”

Dynode Design (p65): “While the design for the photocathode was being finalized, we worked with Dr. Jacob Leach from Kyma for the growth design for the dynode meshes we plan to make in FY 2017.”

Conclusion (p67): “Dr. Jacob Leach from Kyma was instrumental in finalizing the growth and device processing that met our design requirements.”

Acknowledgments (p67): “Thank you to Dr. Jacob Leach from Kyma Technologies for his consultations on III-nitride processing.”

[Also see FY17 Nevada National Security Site R&D Report.]