Kyma Qualifies New Diamond Wire Product for Slicing Meteorites

Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of ultra-high purity crystalline gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) materials and related products and services, today announced the qualification of their diamond wire by Kerf Industries of Lakewood, Colorado, USA.

Photograph of lunar meteorite.
(Courtesy of Kerf Industries, LLC)

Kyma announced the opening of their Custom Crystal Fabrication Facility in October 2009 and the availability of their new diamond wire and diamond wire maker products in November 2009. Kyma had already completed full qualification of their diamond wire for internal consumption in their bulk GaN substrate production line.

Kyma is able to optimize their diamond wire properties for a given application, including kerf loss, cut length, and cut speed. The process of optimization is most efficient when it involves working closely with the customer.

Kerf Industries, LLC ( has helped Kyma assess their diamond wire product’s strengths and improvement opportunities for custom meteorite slicing applications. In a couple of quick iterations in diamond wire fabrication process parameters at Kyma and testing at and feedback from Kerf Industries, the result is a happy customer.

“Kyma Tech has gone the extra mile and developed diamond wire that specifically suits our needs. They have worked with us from start to finish and communication with their engineers has been paramount,” said Matthew Morgan, co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Kerf Industries. “Our production costs have been dramatically reduced, allowing us to deliver a product that meets both the quality and cost that our customers demand."

“The personnel at Kyma have impressed us with their eagerness to listen to and understand our specific needs and provide diamond wire to meet our requirements,” added Gary Curtiss, co-founder and Chief Production Engineer, Kerf Industries. “Kyma Tech exceeded our expectations in providing diamond wire that not only met our requirements but improved in performance after encouraging our feedback.”

Lunar meteorites such as the one pictured have sold in excess of $10,000 per gram. Using the latest diamond wire developed by Kyma, Kerf Industries has saved their customers thousands of dollars in material loss while preserving more of these treasures from space for museums and collectors world-wide.

Kyma’s Sales Engineer Ms. Tamara Stephenson remarked, “Working with Kerf Industries is indeed a pleasure. They have helped us help them, to our mutual benefit. They were one of our first external customers and have helped us greatly in the early stages of our growing diamond wire product line.”

About Kyma Technologies:

Kyma is a leading supplier of crystalline gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) materials and related products and services which serve a broad range of high performance nitride semiconductor device applications.

The market for nitride semiconductor devices is expected to surpass $30B over the next decade. The combined addressable market for GaN and AlN substrates is expected to surpass $500M in 2010.

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