Kyma Offers Vertical GaN Epiwafers

 Kyma has developed a novel hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) process to grow thick films of very lightly doped GaN films for power electronics applications. Being a carbon-free and high growth rate process, HVPE allows us to routinely grow several tens of microns of GaN on GaN with free carrier concentrations ranging from 5x1015 cm3 to 5x1016 cm3. Such films are difficult to grow using traditional growth techniques such as MOCVD, due to challenges with doping control and much lower growth rates. With such lightly doped films now available, device manufacturers can develop GaN-based power devices with vertical architectures for applications at 1.2kV and higher such as electric vehicle chargers, onboard DC-DC converters, industrial motors, solar PV inverters, and much more.