Kyma Announces New Business Development Director

 Raleigh, NC / January 18, 2021 – Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced materials solutions and related products and services, today announced a key new hire. Dr. Cris Ugolini will be joining the Kyma team as Business Development Director. 

Dr. Ugolini brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Kyma having worked in the nitride semiconductor community since 2004.  Upon completion of his PhD in physics from Kansas State University, Dr. Ugolini spent two years at Kansas Semiconductors as CTO.  He then went on to spend four years with Cree Inc. (Durham, NC) as engineering manager followed by 6 years at Nitride Solutions in product development, manufacturing, sales, and business development.

“Kyma is working on some truly innovative materials and processes,” said Cris Ugolini.  “They have a vast array of truly unique solutions for the challenges that face high-power devices and LEDs in the years to come.  To be a part of what they are doing is genuinely exciting, and I look forward to advancing the business.” 

Heather Splawn, Kyma’s President & CEO commented, “We’ve known and worked with Dr. Ugolini for quite some time.  We are excited to bring him onboard because his skillset strongly complements Kyma’s mission and roadmap. Building off of Kyma’s record setting material sales in 2020, Dr. Ugolini is an excellent fit to carry that momentum and grow the business in 2021.”

For more information about Dr. Cris Ugolini, please visit his LinkedIn profile.