External Metal-Halide Sources

Kyma's external metal-halide sources enable a robust, cost-effective extension of existing crystal growth capabilities to enable new materials compositions. 

Kyma has over a decade of experience using metal halide source technology to transport Ga, Al, Fe, Mn, Mg, and Cr. 

Applications of Kyma's external metal-halide sources include the addition of various metal dopants to existing growth tools, the conversion of a GaN growth tool to one that can grow binaries and alloys of (Al,Ga)N, and the conversion of a Ga2O3 growth tool to one that can grow binaries and alloys of (Al,Ga)2O3

Additionally, we expect the external metal-halide source to work with indium (In) which Kyma hopes to implement in its own growth efforts in the near future.

Key features of Kyma's external metal-halide source include:

  • External delivery of solid precursor
  • Easy temperature control
  • Customization available