Kyma Technologies Deploys First Ever Online Store for Nitride Materials

Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of ultra-high purity crystalline gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) materials and other related products and services, announced the rollout of the Nitride industry's first online store. This online portal will allow for the immediate purchase of in-stock research and rider grade GaN templates and AlN templates on sapphire and also serves as a direct inquiry interface for all other Kyma products.

This online store provides Kyma’s customers with access to a simple and direct means to purchase research and rider-grade materials that Kyma currently has in stock and ready for shipment. Research and rider grade materials are typically of slightly higher macro-defect density than their production-grade counterparts but can be obtained for a lower cost and otherwise have excellent microstructural quality. Research labs and partners performing initial tests on Kyma material or calibration epi-growths on bulk GaN may want to consider these products to quickly begin a project.

The online portal will also give Kyma’s customers the ability to directly inquire about many of Kyma's other products which are “made to order.” The portal creates a single, easy to use online resource for managing bulk GaN, GaN templates, polycrystalline GaN, AlN templates and Diamond Wire purchases.

Ms. Tamara Stephenson, Sales Engineer at Kyma, noted: "Making these products available online enables our customers to access our in-stock rider and research grade products quickly. At the same time, our sales team remains prepared to work directly with customers via phone and email as always."

To access the store, navigate to For production grade material or products not currently in stock, Kyma's sales team can be contacted through an inquiry form within the online product catalog, by emailing, or by calling 919.789.8880.

About Kyma Technologies

Kyma is a leading supplier of crystalline gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) materials for a broad range of high performance nitride semiconductor device applications.

The market for nitride semiconductor devices is expected to surpass $30B over the next decade. The combined addressable market for GaN and AlN substrates is expected to surpass $500M in 2010.

For more information about Kyma Technologies, visit, e-mail, or call the company directly at 919.789.8880.

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