Kyma Adds K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw to Equipment Product Portfolio

Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of crystalline aluminum nitride (AlN) and gallium nitride (GaN) materials and related products and services, today announced the availability of the K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw to its growing equipment product portfolio.

The patent-protected K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw is a unique saw that rotates the work-piece while the diamond-wire slowly translates. As a result, the work-piece is sliced with uniform forces from the outer diameter inward, while the diamond coated wire experiences unidirectional forces. The unidirectional forces on the wire mean the diamond particles are not sequentially pulled in one direction and then the other as they are in conventional wire saws. The result is a more uniform slice and a longer diamond wire lifetime.

The K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw can slice up to 100mm diameter boules and up to 20 slices per cut and as such fills an important gap in the wire saw market. Currently, one can purchase high volume multi-wire saws that cost well over 1 Million USD, or purchase small table top single-wire units for very low volume slicing. The K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw fits perfectly in the intermediate regime [A1] and is well aligned with the needs of small R&D and production groups that slice more than one but less than approximately 30 boules per month.

Kyma uses the K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw for its own crystalline fabrication efforts and has proven it works well for slicing sapphire, SiC, GaN, and AlN. It works well with Kyma’s K-Slice™ Diamond Wire as well as with other commercially available diamond wire.

Heather Splawn, Kyma’s COO and Director of Business Development, explained, “The K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw fits our mid-volume sawing needs perfectly. By offering our K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw to the market, we are closing an important gap [A2] in the wire-saw equipment market.”

Tamara Stephenson, Kyma’s Technical Sales Engineer, added, “The K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw offers small and mid-size customers the first real opportunity in several years to bring cost-effective, high performance slicing into their own facilities.”

Kyma also offers pre-delivery training to purchasers of the K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw.

For more information about the K-Orbital™ Multi-Wire Saw, contact Kyma’s Sales Department at

About Kyma Technologies

Kyma is a leading provider of crystalline nitride semiconductor materials, device, and equipment solutions for energy efficient lighting and electric power management.

The market for nitride semiconductor devices was approximately $9B in 2011, and is expected to surpass $60B over the long term [A3], including $30B in visible lighting applications and $30B in power electronics applications.

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