Kyma Announces Consulting Services Offering and First Satisfied Customer

Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of crystalline aluminum nitride (AlN) and gallium nitride (GaN) materials and related products and services, today announced the recent launch of Kyma Consulting, a new division at Kyma which has a mission to help other small businesses be successful in government contracting and in other more general business activities as well.

Kyma Consulting was conceived in part to leverage the rich body of growing experience at Kyma in establishing and maintaining a DCAA compliant accounting system and using it to do business with the federal government in the SBIR/STTR program and other programs as well. 

“We know that there are many consulting services available for small businesses, but we have found out the hard way that the unique experience base of a small business engaged in federal contracts is somewhat rare and also can become outdated quickly,” said Keith Evans, Kyma’s president & CEO. “Kyma Consulting’s key differential advantage is that we work daily with government contracting agencies and staff. Our team’s knowledge is always up-to-date.”

Inexperienced companies can quickly feel lost when dealing with the many requirements and all the paperwork  that comes with their first government contract selection. And there is no substitute for doing what needs to be done correctly the first time, because long after the contracted work is over there remains the possibility that you will be audited.

Karen Nield, Kyma’s Chief Financial Officer, who heads up the consulting service, commented, “Some of the companies which contacted us recently wanted accurate, quick and to-the-point answers on how to complete an Incurred Cost Electronically (ICE) report correctly. Dealing with complicated reporting and federal acquisition regulation (FAR) clauses can become overwhelming if you have never seen the forms before.”

Ms. Nield added, “I can feel our client’s frustration in their voices, yet that goes away quickly when they know you have the answer to help them cross the finish line.  It is great to get our clients back to what they do best- running their business.”

About Kyma Consulting

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About Kyma Technologies

Kyma is a leading provider of crystalline nitride semiconductor materials, device, and equipment solutions for energy efficient lighting and electric power management.

The market for nitride semiconductor devices was ~$10B in 2012 and is expected to surpass $60B over the long term, including $30B in visible lighting applications and $30B in power electronics applications.

For more information about Kyma Technologies, visit, e-mail, or call the company directly at 919.789.8880.

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