Helping others overcome challenges

Kyma enjoys helping its partners overcome technology and business challenges.

Kyma has benefited hugely from many collaborative partnerships.

Less published is the fact that we also help others solve their problems. A relatively recent publication thanking Kyma for this kind of support gives a good indication of what we can do for you.

Here are just a few of the many ways that Kyma has already helped other innovators and businesses:

Device Technology:

  • Collaboration partners have asked Kyma to help them translate innovative device ideas to reality to prove out a concept before raising funds to grow their company
  • Collaboration partners have engaged Kyma to help them decide what type of device would best to accomplish a particular function and how best to manufacture that device
  • Collaboration partners have outsourced their device design and fabrication to Kyma who then utilizes its internal resources and a network of partnerships to get the job done

Materials Technology:

  • Collaboration partners have leased time on our crystal growth tools in part to access our technology and to have significant control over how it is implemented for their project
  • Collaboration partners developing novel crystals have outsourced their wafer fabrication (grinding, slicing, and polishing) processes to Kyma so they can focus on their core competencies and leverage some of Kyma's
  • Collaboration partners have outsourced portions some of their materials characterization needs to Kyma and receive a professional summary of results and our analysis of those results
  • Collaboration partners who have developed a novel materials growth technology on a small laboratory scale have looked to Kyma to translate those technologies to a commercially relevant environment including to larger wafer diameters


  • Small businesses have become DCAA compliant much more quickly and at much lower cost by contracting with Kyma to help their business improve its accounting systems, time-card systems, accounting manuals and more
  • Startups have teamed with Kyma to help them with the myriad of written and unwritten rules and best practices in writing winning SBIR and STTR proposals
  • Certain partners have received third party recommendations from Kyma, including legal teams and consultants, to help businesses with various challenges and opportunities
  • Academic groups have teamed with Kyma on multiple NSF I-Corps programs with Kyma taking on the role of industry mentor to help develop a viable business model to commercialize their technology
  • Other companies in the Triangle have leased time in our Agile Parts Fabrication Facility to build their own specialty parts in a highly private setting.

Please reach out to Kyma via if you feel you might benefit from our help towards overcoming any of your technology and/or business challenges!