GaN & Related III-N Materials

Kyma offers several GaN and Related III-N Materials including GaN substrates of various orientations and electrical conductivity, polycrystalline GaN, crystalline GaN & AlN templates, and custom III-N epiwafers. 

Please see our specific offerings below; those which are in-stock will feature a "click here to buy now" link to our on-line store.

Custom III-N Epiwafers

Kyma supplies Custom III-N Epiwafers both for materials studies and for a number of device applications, including light emitting diodes (LEDs), microwave / RF transistors, acoustic wave filters, photodiodes, and power switching.

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GaN on QST® Templates

Kyma’s 200-mm HVPE GaN on QST® Templates consist of 10 microns of HVPE GaN grown on 200-mm diameter QST® substrates provided by Qromis, Inc. 

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GaN on Sapphire Templates

Kyma’s GaN on sapphire templates are available in diameters from 2" up to 8" or 200-mm and consist of a thin layer of crystalline GaN grown by HVPE on a sapphire substrate. Epi-ready templates now available...inquire today!

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GaN on Silicon Templates

Kyma’s GaN templates are available in diameters from 2" up to 8" or 200-mm and consist of a thin layer of crystalline GaN grown epitaxially by HVPE on a silicon substrate.

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GaN Powder (Polycrystalline)

Kyma's polycrystalline GaN (polyGaN) powder is manufactured in-house at Kyma - we are in the process of creating its specifications sheet but feel free to inquire as the product is available today. 

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GaN Substrates (Bulk, Non-Polar)

Kyma's non-polar bulk GaN substrates include both a-plane and m-plane substrates which are sliced from GaN boules and can be prepared with on-axis orientation or can be intentionally misoriented, depending on customer requirements.

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GaN Substrates (Bulk, Semi-Polar)

Kyma's semi-polar bulk GaN substrates are sliced from c-plane GaN boules and present an exciting surface orientation for a number of advanced device structures, especially in the area of green LEDs and laser diodes.

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PVDNC™ AlN Templates

Kyma’s PVD with Nanocolumns (PVDNC™) AlN templates, available in diameters from 2" to 12", consist of a thin layer of nanocolumnar crystalline AlN which was grown epitaxially by PVDNC™ on a sapphire or silicon substrate. 

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UV Grade AlN on Sapphire Templates

Kyma’s UV Grade AlN on Sapphire Templates, available in diameters from 2" to 6", consist of a thin layer of high purity crystalline AlN which is designed to meet the demanding requirements of UVC LED applications.

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