Acknowledgements in Other Scientific Publications

Here are a few acknowledgements of Kyma's materials and support in the scientific literature including in university dissertations:

  • Army Research Laboratory Report: "We would like to thank [...] Dr. Edward Preble, Mr. GregMulholland and their colleagues at Kyma Technologies for supplying us hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) gallium nitride (GaN) substrates through their Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I program with the Army; [...]."
  • Auburn University Dissertation: “The author would also like to thank Kyma Technologies, Inc., Dr. Andrew A. Allerman from Sandia National Laboratories, and Dr. Mark Johnson from the North Carolina State University for providing high quality GaN substrates."
  • German Research Institution Research Paper: "The GaN substrates were n-doped with a carrier concentration of 11016 cm3 with an epi-ready surface finish (rms roughness < 0.5 nm) as specified by the crystal supplier (Kyma Technologies)."
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Research Paper: "A GaN switch assembly was fabricated using a 9 mm by 9 mm 408-μm-thick semi-insulating substrate. The GaN substrate was epitaxially grown by Kyma Technologies."
  • Naval Research Laboratory Research Paper: "The N-polar GaN:Fe substrates were obtained from Kyma Technologies; the substrates and the cleaning procedure, which has been demonstrated to produce smooth, debris-free surfaces, have been described elsewhere [6,10]."
  • North Carolina State University Dissertation: "I also would like to express my gratitude and thanks to the director of research and development Drs. Drew Hanser and Edward Preble from Kyma Technologies for providing gallium nitride samples as well as further impetus in the direction of this work."
  • Ohio State University Research Paper: "Radiation sensors were fabricated in a sandwich structure (Fig. 1) using a freestanding n-type GaN wafer (Sample number AG2172.5) procured from Kyma Technologies Inc."
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Research Paper: "The bulk m-plane GaN wafers used in some of this work were kindly supplied by Kyma Technologies, Inc., and in this context the authors acknowledge very fruitful discussions with Dr. T. Paskova and Dr. Keith Evans."
  • University of Notre Dame Research Paper: "N-face semi-insulating substrates were obtained from D. Hanser, Kyma Technologies, Raleigh, North Carolina."