Interested in a Career Position at Kyma?

by Super User

Kyma offers excellent opportunities for individuals seeking to strive and flourish in the business of advanced semiconductor materials and devices. Our distinctive environment offers careers that are exciting, challenging and rewarding. We encourage our people to learn, experiment and grow - for both their own personal benefit and the company’s.

Our current position openings are posted below. If there are no current openings or if you don't see a good match to our current openings, we still want to hear from you. To apply please send an email to and include: a) the position opening or kind of position you are applying for, b) what your citizenship status is, and c) a few words about yourself.


Kyma's product development engineers work at the cutting edge of new materials and device development. We seek US citizens and green card holders who are excited over the prospects of joining Kyma's technical staff and helping us to improve current products and to develop new products.


We are currently seeking a product development engineer who would help us in one or two specific projects involving the creation of novel buffer layers potentially including graphene and other 2D materials and the growth of crystalline GaN materials thereupon. Many other opportunities to contribute are available but our current opening is to fill an exciting and near term opportunity to accelerate these specific projects.


A Bachelor's or Master's degree in a STEM field is required; Ph.D. level applicants are also of interest. We seek individuals who are ready to take a strong hands-on approach, who enjoy working in teams but also work well alone, and who understand that the best decisions are data-driven and that the best data is that which is properly documented in a proper database documentation and engineering analysis system. 


Hands-on experience in growing crystals and building and/or maintaining semiconductor crystal growth equipment is important. Energy, attitude, and the ability to work well both alone and in teams is critical.


Once on our team, you will benefit from the full support of Kyma's technical staff - we are all dedicated to helping our colleagues be successful.