Kyma Gives Huge Thank You to Summer Intern Sara Kasbekar

Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced materials solutions that promote safety and energy efficiency, is pleased to give a huge thank you to Ms. Sara Kasbekar, a college-bound Raleigh area high school student, for her great performance during her 2013 summer internship at Kyma.

Ms. Kasbekar worked on a number of different projects and performed several different duties for Kyma. She reported to Dr. Heather Splawn, Kyma’s chief operating officer, who introduced her to the entire Kyma team and facilitated discussions to find the best matches between her skills and interests and various short timescale projects which could provide quick benefits to Kyma.

Her primary duty was set to carry out a series of performance tests on novel optically gated electrical switches fabricated by Kyma in a project that is supported by a leading US defense contractor. Dr. Jacob Leach, Kyma’s chief science officer, and Dr. Bob Metzger, Kyma’s chief technology officer, worked closely with Ms. Kasbekar on this project which involved measuring pulsed laser induced electronic transport properties of a specially modified KO-Switch™. The KO-Switch™ is Kyma’s first device product which Kyma began offering about a year ago.

Pictured above (from left to right) is: Tony Smith, Intern Sara Kasbekar, Heather Splawn, and Gregg Dodson. The cart that Ms. Kasbekar designed and built is shown with the orbital welder on it.

Dr. Leach commented, “Sara’s thirst for knowledge is exceeded only by the carefulness and completeness of how she carried out these tests, which are truly at the leading edge of advanced optoelectronic semiconductor device development. Her intelligent and hard work directly enabled us to successfully complete the project, and our sponsor was clearly delighted, as they have already indicated they want to extend the scope of the project in the coming year.”

Ms. Kasbekar also took on the design and construction of a robust and multifunctional cart for Kyma’s orbital welder. This involved interviewing her internal customer, Tony Smith, Kyma’s senior equipment maintenance technician, about the desired functionality and geometry of the cart. A good cart would enable all the welder accessories to be properly stored and readily available and would position the welder properly from a human factors perspective. She and Mr. Smith brainstormed the design, and she created proper professional drawings for it using one of Kyma’ computer aided drawing (CAD) software packages which she was trained on by Gregg Dodson, Kyma’s facilities and equipment engineer. Working closely with Mr. Dodson, she then built the bill of materials (BOM), identified vendors, and got the parts ordered as her internship wound down. She returned to Kyma to help assemble cart after the parts arrived a few weeks later.

Mr. Smith commented, “The welder cart is simply awesome, almost too awesome. I have already had to reclaim it for its intended purpose, after one of my colleagues tried to appropriate it for a different application.”

Ms. Kasbekar just entered her senior year at Ravenscroft School, a well-known Raleigh-based college preparatory school, and is carefully evaluating which colleges she is targeting.

On behalf of the company, Kyma’s president and CEO, Keith Evans, offered, “Thank you Sara very much. Your contributions were simply superb and we already miss you. We all look forward to hearing about your college plans and what the future will hold for you.”

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