The patented electromagnetic (EM-Dot™) sensor is a device that detects and measures the temporal change in the electric or magnetic field simultaneously at a single point in space.

Transitions between electric and magnetic field dominance (or equivalently, between the open and the short circuit states) can be monitored as characteristic changes over time with a sub-nanosecond response capability. The EM-Dot™ has a broad frequency response spanning from below 1 MHz to well above 1 GHz. Thus, one can monitor the electric and magnetic fields continuously and can quickly deduce the occurrence of a fast over-voltage or short-circuit or some other deviation from a standard or expected sensor output.

Unlike most other electromagnetic sensor designs, the EM-Dot™ is symmetric and electrically matched. Software has been developed to condition the output data from the EM-dot to yield the electric and (vector) magnetic field strengths in both the time and frequency domains. 

EM-Dot Key Features Applications
  • Operates simultaneously in D-dot mode (change in electric flux density field) or B-dot mode (change in magnetic flux density field)
  • Broad frequency response range
  • Passive device that can be connected to oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer
  • Transient detector (static fields may be measured as long as the transient nature of the field is captured
  • Directional - measure the vector magnetic field
  • May be used with broadband amplifiers
  • May be used as a detector and/or measuring device
  • Sensitive enough to pick up low amplitude, high frequency signals and low frequency, high aplitude signals
  • Calibrated in the frequency domain for greater accuracy in field measurement
  • Non-contact sensor
  • Pulsed power
  • Power electronics
  • Electric grid
  • Automotive
  • Physics laboratory
  • Electrical engineering
  • Materials science
  • Education
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Defense
  • Medical Field
  • EMC studies
  • Multiple dots
    • Time of Flight Studies
    • Triangulation Studies
    • Spatial comparative monitoring over time


Visit YouTube to learn how to use Kyma's EM-Dot.

Patent number: US 7,482,814 B2