Polycrystalline Bulk GaN

Kyma's polycrystalline bulk GaN is useful for applications that require higher purity and/or lower surface area than traditional GaN powder provides.

Kyma's polycrystalline buk GaN is available in a number of form factors, including solid discs, squares or pellets. Customers have reported improved results across a variety of GaN growth methods, including pulsed laser deposition (PLD), sputtering, ammonothermal, and solution growth, when comparing our high purity material to traditional feedstock materials available elsewhere.


Conduction Type Si-doped (N+) Undoped (N-) Semi-Insulating
Carrier Concentration >1x1018/cm3 >5x1017/cm3 Not Applicable
Available Form Factors Pellets, rounds, squares Pellets, rounds, squares Pellets
Available Target Sizes 1-4" 1-4" Not Applicable