Kyma Chief Science Officer Gives Invited Talk on Novel GaN Technology at Photonics West

Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced materials solutions that promote safety and energy efficiency, announced today that their Chief Science Officer Dr. Jacob Leach is giving an invited talk on a new and novel gallium nitride template technology this week at Photonics West.

Leach’s invited paper is entitled “Large-area bow-free n+ GaN templates by HVPE for LEDs.” The abstract for the talk can be found at and is as follows:

"We present a novel approach to realizing a zero-bow relatively-thick GaN on sapphire template that can be made at essentially any diameter and which bodes well for improved device yield, performance, and cost. The elimination of bow is achieved through a simple cost-effective stress balancing technique involving backside deposition. The result is a large area GaN template which is flat at all temperatures and which has 10x lower dislocation density than current GaN buffers. We report on the properties of these templates and provide device data for LED structures grown thereon."

Kyma has coined the term FLAAT for this technology, which stands for Flat At All Temperatures.

Currently most LEDs are fabricated on sapphire substrates and there is a trend towards increasing the diameter of the sapphire in order to gain manufacturing efficiencies in post-epitaxy device wafer processing. However, as the diameter of the wafer increases, issues of wafer bow become increasingly problematic and present a deleterious impact on intra-wafer or lateral device yields. Kyma’s FLAAT template approach effectively mitigates such bow issues and thereby eliminates the associated device yield limitations.

Kyma’s FLAAT template technology is still in development stage and benefits from support by the US Department of Energy’s SBIR program.

Dr. Leach received his PhD in Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) where he studied the physics of high speed GaN transistor technology under the direction of internationally renowned Professor Hadis Morkoc.

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