FY17 Nevada National Security Site R&D Report

Kyma is honored to be acknowledged by National Security Technologies, LLC:

The following excerpts are taken verbatim from the FY 2017 Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) Site-Directed R&D Report in the article entitled Next-Generation Photomultiplier Detectors Using Transmissive III-Nitride Semiconductor Electrodes which was authored by Robert Buckles and Ke-Xun (Kevin) Sun: 

Device Fabrication and Characterization (p63): "Wafers were produced by Kyma Technologies starting near the end of FY 2016. This proved a fruitful partnership that yielded not only the mixed III-V material growth, but also in-depth knowledge in device fabrication."

Device Fabrication and Characterization (p64): "In parallel with the photocathode production and measurements, we finalized the design of the multiplier wafer section and received preliminary feedback from Kyma Technology regarding the process constraints."

Acknowledgments (p67): “We would like to thank Dr. Jacob Leach, Kyma Technologies, Raleigh, North Carolina, for expertise and steadfast commitment to III-Nitride growth and device fabrication of a very unconventional design."

[Also see FY16 Nevada National Security Site R&D Report.]