Custom Devices & Arrays

Kyma has a wealth of experience in helping customers translate novel semiconductor device from concept, to layout, to reality. Kyma's experienced device team has designed and processed thousands of devices and can translate your ideas through the sequence of design, simulation, and fabrication.

Kyma's custom devices are realized through Kyma's internal resources plus a network of key partnerships which Kyma has nurtured over the years. Kyma can make many different devices ourselves and we can design and fabricate most anything when we leverage our network of partnerships.

Kyma has real-time access to state-of-the-art device simulation software, works closely with mask manufacturers to design and fabricate multi-level masks, has multiple partners that provide state-of-the-art epitaxial growth services, and has direct access to a full suite of device processing tools as well as materials and device characterization tools, some of which are described on our Device Design & Fabrication Services page.

Successful custom devices created by Kyma for its growing customer base include GaN FinFETs, GaN Schottky barrier diodes, UV detector arrays, and nuclear particle detector arrays. Recent testimonials about Kyma's device design & fabrication services appeared in both the FY16 Nevada National Security Site R&D Report and the FY17 Nevada National Security Site R&D Report.