GaN Substrates (Bulk, C-Plane)

Kyma's c-plane GaN substrates have low-defect density and are epi-ready substrate for homoepitaxial growth of high performance GaN device structures.

Homoepitaxial growth of GaN device structures on Kyma's bulk GaN substrates greatly improves a number of important device properties when compared with heteroepitaxial growth on SiC, sapphire, or silicon. Kyma's high purity GaN substrate allows GaN-based device manufacturers to eliminate interlayers, processing steps, and improve device quality over those grown on any other substrate.

Typical properties of Kyma's c-plane GaN substrates are shown in the table below:

Conduction Type Si-doped (N+) N-type Undoped (N-) Semi-Insulating
Carrier Concentration >1x1018/cm3 >5x1017/cm3 >5x1017/cm3 Not Applicable
Dislocation Density <1x107/cm2 <1x107/cm2 <1x107/cm2 <1x107/cm2
Resistivity <0.02 Ohm-cm <0.05 Ohm-cm <5 Ohm-cm >1x106 Ohm-cm
Ga- or N-face Surface Finish Epi-ready, RMS <0.5nm Epi-ready, RMS <1nm Epi-ready, RMS <0.5nm Epi-ready, RMS <0.5nm
Available Sizes 10mmx10mm, 18mmx18mm 2" round 10mmx10mm, 18mmx18mm 10mmx10mm, 18mmx18mm