Polycrystalline GaN

Kyma's polycrystalline GaN (polyGaN) materials are useful for applications that require higher purity and/or lower surface area than legacy sources.

Kyma's polycrystalline GaN is available in a number of form factors - see the table below. Customers have reported improved results across a variety of GaN growth methods, including pulsed laser deposition (PLD), sputtering, ammonothermal, and solution growth, when comparing our high purity material to traditional feedstock materials available elsewhere. Kyma also offers polycrystalline GaN powder which is described in our nanocrystalline materials section.


Conduction Type Si-doped (N+) Undoped (N-) Semi-Insulating
Carrier Concentration >1x1018/cm3 >5x1017/cm3 Not Applicable
Available Form Factors Pellets, rounds, squares Pellets, rounds, squares Pellets
Available Target Sizes 1-4" 1-4" Not Applicable