GaN on QST® Templates

Kyma’s 200-mm HVPE GaN on QST® Templates consist of 10 microns of HVPE GaN grown on 200-mm diameter QST® substrates provided by Qromis, Inc. 

The QST® substrate is CMOS-fab friendly and has a thermal expansion coefficient which is closely matched to GaN's which enables thick GaN growth while maintaining low bow. The thick HVPE GaN overlayer has a low defect density, is of high structural quality, and presents an epi-ready surface for GaN device layer growth.

Is 200-mm too big for your application? Kyma has a process for creating smaller form factor HVPE GaN on QST® Templates, such as 1-inch squares. Other form factors such as 150-mm diameter are also possible - just ask us!

Materials Properties (200-mm diameter)  
Orientation C-plane + 0.5°
XRD (002) <300 arcsec
XRD (102) <400 arcsec
Defect Density 107 - 10cm-2
Electrical Properties SI to mid 1018 cm-3
Bow <50 microns