Custom III-N Epiwafers

Kyma supplies Custom III-N Epiwafers both for materials studies and for a number of device applications, including light emitting diodes (LEDs), microwave / RF transistors, acoustic wave filters, photodiodes, and power switching.

While Kyma's in-house epitaxial growth capabilities are centered around HVPE and PVD technology, Kyma is teamed with several partners that enable Kyma to access MOCVD and MBE growth capabilities. To date Kyma has supplied mostly 2-inch and 4-inch diameter epiwafers but we can also work with smaller sizes and larger sizes, just ask.

Many of Kyma's customers value our ability to help with epilayer design, our willingness to supply relatively low volumes, and our openness to working with alternative and innovative substrate types.

Additionally, Kyma can help you with device topology layout and post-epitaxy processing all the way to full device fabrication. To learn more visit our Device Design & Fabrication services page.

Pictured is a novel III-N photodiode array which Kyma designed and fabricated for National Security Technologies, LLC - see their acknowledgements of Kyma's support in their FY16 and FY17 R&D Reports.